We are what we eat!!!!!!!!!!

Know more about the fuel of ur life i.e FOOD

Hey..frnz there is lot to share with you on what you are made up of...I mean what you eat....I mean what you can be... as it is very well said ...we are what we eat!!!!!!!

If you have any query pertainaing to any food item in market do share with me,.......i'll b happy if I can be of some help to you....

Keep smiling....eat healthy..and live healthy


Imagine yourself swallowing the spoon which you used for eating dat yummy icecream!!!!!!!!!!!!..........little awkward but day is not far wen you will have such things in Indian supermarkets...............

Every food comes in its own natural edible film. Ever since the biblical Adam took his first bite of the apple and noticed that the uneaten portion turned brown after a few minutes, the concept of packaging came into existence.  Packaging plays a crucial role in the improvement of food product’s shelf life and newer packaging materials are being constantly developed  as an effective substitute for nature's coating for maintaining food quality and extending shelf life.


Fruits and vegetables undergo progressive deterioration after harvest due to desiccation, microbial growth and biochemical processes. Great losses (from 20% to 80%) in the quality of fresh fruits occur from harvesting to final consumption and the fruits short shelf life is a major concern of distribution chains. As consumers around the world demand food of high quality, without chemical preservatives and with extended shelf life, an increased effort has been made to discover new natural preservatives and antimicrobials . Several processes have been developed that extend the product’s shelf-life one of being  the use of packaging material like edible films.

Edible films attracted technologists and scientists because of it’s easily degradable nature, non-aggressiveness to the environment, property to regulate transfer of moisture, oxygen, carbon dioxide ,aroma, and taste compounds in a food system thus improving the quality of food products and providing new markets for the materials used in the manufacture of these films . Edible films are defined as a thin layer of material which can be consumed and provides a barrier to moisture, oxygen and solute movement for the food. The material can be a complete food coating or can be disposed as a continuous layer between food components .

The most important functional properties of an edible film or coating include control of mass transfers, mechanical protection, and sensory appeal . These may also be used to advantage on processed fruits and vegetables for improving structural integrity of frozen fruits and vegetables and preventing moisture absorption and oxidation of freeze-dried fruits or vegetables . In addition, edible coatings can carry functional ingredients such as antioxidants, antimicrobials, nutrients, and flavors to further enhance food stability,quality, functionality, and safety .

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